Hello! -my name is Dr.Horst Michael Birkhoff... just call me

  Mike. I am a CEREC user since 1998, and since 1999 I also

  specialize  in selling  and  servicing  new  and used CEREC

  units all over the world.


  If you are interested in purchasing a CEREC machine, this

  is  the  place  to  be.  Just  like  you,  I am a wet-fingered

  dentist - so I know better what you really need than just

  a sales rep.


  I  can  offer you new machines, demo machines and used

  machines - plus all the supplies you need to operate the 

  unit.  And  if  you  need  help with a design,  bonding tips,

  help with mechanical or electronic problems... I am just a

  phone call or e-mail away:




  ++49-2181-72246 phone office

  ++49-2181-72650 fax office

  CEREC Hong Kong